September 24, 2010

The Reality of Customer Focus: We Design For Ourselves

When we design, sometimes the simplist thing that we can do is design for what we "think" our customer would want - which ends up turning out as what we the designer would want. Often times, research is a neglected area for small businesses, and even when large businesses do it, it's sometime not executed properly.
September 17, 2010

Improve Your Business: Know The Variables that Affect Your Designs

rocess is one of the most important things that a designer can have next to templates and one-click widgets that speed up the mock-up stage. Having a strong process allows a designer to focus on what is truely important, the graphics (well one of the most important things anyway).
September 15, 2010

20+ New Apps and Websites for Designers Sep. 2010

This is a great article full of resources for designers and developers. It's up-to-date as of September 2010. This one I'm definitely keeping in my library of tools. It kind of changed my mind about the there might actually be a practical use for it for design.
September 3, 2010

Enjoying Work Means Less Need To Entertain

In thinking ahead about employee values pertaining to their job, I began to ask myself what would be an ideal job? Of course, the easy answer is "It would be different for everyone". Some want money, some want power, some want stability and benefits. But on a deeper level, self fulfillment, self accomplishment, and pleasure is what everyone ultimately wants from their everyday life.
August 29, 2010

Adobe Version Cue Replacement?

So now that Adobe has decided to discontinue its use of Version Cue, it's left a few of us in the dust wonder what possible solution could be out there that can compare with the solutions Version Cue offered? I've been scowering the net for the past week reading up on DAM (Digital Asset Management) systems and none are as easy to set-up or intergrate with Adobe programs as well as Version Cue.