March 26, 2011

Ordering My Blank Label Dress Shirt: A Review

Thank you to for the generous gift certificate this month! This has been a great chance to try out this new custom made dress shirt site. I'm actually quite excited to see how mine turns out!
March 4, 2011

Advanced Night-time Photography: Light Art

This is an amazing & inspirational video. Thank you Angelo (@Rancorr) for sharing this video on Light Art Photography! It's quite interesting how you can use landscape to paint yourself a picture and tell a different story every time using a flashlight! Of all things, a flashlight!
February 24, 2011

Official social media share buttons: Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Social media has become such a big thing that even they must have standards around how they want their buttons and share badges to look like. Hence, I've complied a list of links that will bring you directly to the official badge creation pages of some of the major social media players as of 2011. Here you'll be able to generate your very own social media badges that you'll be able to add to your site(s).
February 22, 2011

Web design creativity expanded with HTML5

html5 Ok, honestly, the creativity designs that designers make should not change with the introduction of HTML5. From the start we should always be designing our UI as though there are no limits on how things can be presented. It's up to the developers to figure that out.
February 18, 2011

Custom Men’s Dress Shirts: Design-ur Clothes

To be honest, I've never been a fan of designer labels. I personally hate having the name of a brand on my shirt and it's just about time there is an option to be able to have nicely designed clothing without having a label attached to it. Here's where Blank Label has been able to surprise me and I'll probably try them sometime in the near future.